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The Obanos Mystery

Show of historical reconstruction that came to be called the Mystery of Obanos or the Mystery of San Guillén and Santa Felicia.

The mistery

“Mystery of Obanos”, gives literary body to a secular legend of the fourteenth century about the sons of the Dukes of Aquitaine.


The rich wardrobe is made up of 1,056 suits, each with its corresponding accessories.


It was read for the first time on Wednesday, April 25, 1962, the eve of the feast of Saint William

Santos Beriguistáin

The priest of Obanos, Don Santos Beguiristáin, wrote the initial text “Of the martyrdom of Santa Felicia…


The Obanos Mystery Foundation was established on March 29, 1993

At the initiative of various institutions, public and private entities of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, with the aim of promoting the recovery and promotion of this popular representation.

  • Contribute to the recovery of the representation of the "Mystery of Obanos", as well as its organization and implementation, ensuring the maintenance of the original spirit of the work.
  • Preserve, protect and guard the assets that currently constitute the assets of the "Misterio de Obanos" Foundation and any other assets that could be incorporated into said assets.
  • Promote any other activity linked directly or indirectly to the celebration of the "Mystery of Obanos".
  • Contribute to the promotion and development of programs aimed at recovering the values of the Camino de Santiago in Navarra.

The Obanos Mystery numbers.






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In addition to these costumes and carriages, there are implements for the cavalry, banners, swords, shields, armor, etc.

``Of the martyrdom of Santa Felicia and the penance of San Guillén``

The legend Continues

Also popularly known as “Mystery of Obanos”