Dear Friends

It is an honor to work for Obanos as President of the Obanos Mystery Foundation.

We have many exciting projects that we hope to start up little by little and make the cultural and tourist life of Obanos and the Valley even more dynamic.

The present year 2021 is Jacobean Year. A jubilee year that, due to the global affectation that we are suffering due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, will last until 2022. We hope that by then the roads to Santiago can be traveled normally.

Ultreia et suseia deus adyudanos

From Obanos crossroads

All the best

I hope that on this page you can get closer to Obanos and learn a little about the Mystery of Obanos and our people.

Juan Manuel Rubio Guembe

(President of the Obanos Mystery Foundation)


The history of the foundation

The Mystery of Obanos Foundation was established on March 29, 1993 at the initiative of various institutions, public and private entities of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, with the aim of promoting the recovery and promotion of this popular representation. The Government of Navarra, the City Council of Obanos, the Brotherhood of Hermits of Arnotegui, the Archbishopric of Pamplona, the Parish of San Juan Bautista de Obanos and the Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago de Estella and Pamplona are represented on its governing body, as well as two personalities highlights of the cultural and artistic field of the Foral Community.

For any questions contact us

The Misterio de Obanos Foundation is defined as a non-profit association, of a private and permanent nature, and is constituted in accordance with the regulations of the Foral Law of Navarra.

Likewise, it has its own legal personality and full capacity to act, with no other limitations than those expressly imposed by the applicable legal provisions and those established in the Bylaws.


  • Contribute to the recovery of the representation of the "Mystery of Obanos", as well as its organization and implementation, ensuring the maintenance of the original spirit of the work.
  • Preserve, protect and guard the assets that currently constitute the assets of the "Misterio de Obanos" Foundation and any other assets that could be incorporated into said assets, by virtue of donations, acquisitions or new investments.
  • Promote any other activity linked directly or indirectly to the celebration of the "Mystery of Obanos".
  • Contribute to the promotion and development of programs aimed at the recovery of the spiritual, historical, and cultural values of the Camino de Santiago in Navarra.



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