The medieval choral music competition of Obanos will be brought forward to April 2023

The medieval choral music competition of Obanos will be brought forward to April 2023

The Fundación Misterio de Obanos opens from today until January 10 the inscriptions to participate in the competition of Medieval and Renaissance Music a cappella Arnotegui, a contest to be held in April 2023.  


The Fundación Misterio de Obanos and the Hermandad de Ermitaños, organizers of the Concurso de Música Medieval y Renacentista a Cappella Arnotegui, have decided to bring forward to April -to coincide with the feast of San Guillermo in the town- this choral singing contest, which will celebrate its fourth edition in 2023.

Another novelty of the contest, which attracts choral ensembles from all over Spain, is the economic aid for mileage that the participating groups will receive. It should be recalled that the prizes for the first three winners are 1,200, 700 and 400 euros respectively, in addition to an audience award valued at 200 euros. For the next edition, a prize of 200 euros has also been established for the best director.

As on previous occasions, the participating groups must perform a compulsory work, in this case the “Stella Splendens” from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, and other freely chosen works, which must not exceed a total of 15 minutes of actual time.


The complete rules to participate in the contest can be downloaded from here


and registrations can be made by e-mail to


Choral music triumphs in Obanos

The third edition of the National Choral Competition of Medieval and Renaissance Music Arnotegui organised by the Fundación Misterio de Obanos counted with the participation of three ensembles that received the applause of the large audience gathered in the church of the town.


The Cor de Cambra Amalthea, from Valencia, won first prize in the Concurso Nacional de Música Medieval y Renacentista Arnotegui organised by the Fundación Misterio de Obanos on 17 September.

In the third edition of this contest, which like so many other events had to be suspended for two years due to the pandemic, it is worth mentioning the success of the audience, with the church of San Juan de Obanos packed with enthusiasts who enjoyed the repertoire of the participating choirs.

The second prize in the competition went to the Aizaga Choir from Pamplona, while the Vexilla Regis Choir from Zaragoza came third.

Noelia Huarte and David Carrero were in charge of conducting a unique event in this field in the region, with the special collaboration of the Pamplona Chamber Choir, who intervened at the beginning and end of the competition, during the jury’s deliberation.

The three ensembles began their performance with a rendition of “Ay triste que vengo” from the Cancionero de Palacio by Juan dell’Enzina, a composition from the end of the 15th century, followed by their own repertoire, always based on compositions from the Middle Ages and up to the 16th century.


Professional Jury

The professional jury for this competition was composed of Igor Ijurra, director of the Orfeón Pamplonés, Rabindranath Banerjee, director of the Haendel-Haydn Society and Sandra Santesteban, also a member of the Orfeón Pamplonés.

They were in charge of distributing the prizes among the participating choirs while the public had the opportunity to cast their vote through the ballots distributed in the church. The Amalthea choir was also the public’s favourite in the popular vote.




A great reception in the town

The Misterio de Obanos Foundation was very satisfied with the great reception from the public, who filled the parish church of the town, and the high quality of the participating choirs “thus consolidating a competition that makes Obanos a choral reference at a national level” said the president of the Misterio de Obanos Foundation, Juan Manuel Rubio.

Rubio announced that the organisation is preparing the next edition for April 2023 “with new features in the rules of the competition and some organisational improvements”.





17 September 20:00 in the church of Obanos


Aizaga Chamber Choir (Pamplona)


Ay triste que vengo (Cancionero de Palacio)

Juan dell’Enzina, S. XV-XVI /(3:00)

Tríptico (Cancionero de Palacio)

So ell encina, Pase el agoa, Dindirindin  Anónimos, S. XV-XVI / (2:10)

Il bianco e dolce cigno

J. Arcadelt, S. XVI / (2:10)

Mariam Matrem Virginem

Michael McGlynn, inspirado en melodía Llibre Vermell , S. XIV / (4:10)

Media Vita.

Michael McGlynn, inspirado en la composición del monje Notker, S. X / (4:00)

Teresica Hermana

Mateo Flecha, S. XVI / (1:50)

Vexilla Regis (Zaragoza)


Ay triste que vengo

Juan dell’Enzina (1468-1529) (Cancionero de Palacio) Transcripción de Fernando Jácome / (3:00)

Domine Iesu Christe

Melchor Robledo (ca. 1510-1586). Transcripción de Aristotle Esguerra / (2:10)

Mariam matrem

Anónimo del Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (ca. 1390) Transcripción de Fernando Jácome / (3:10)

Sumer is icumen in atribuido a John of Fornsete

(ca. 1226). Transcripción de Monique Rio/ (2:20)

Sicut cervus, prima pars

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (ca. 1525-1594). Transcripción de Brian Marble / (2:40)

Con amores la mi madre de Juan de Anchieta

(1450-1523). Transcripción de Bob Chicott / (2:10)

Tourdion – Quand je bois du vin clairet, anónimo,

arreglado y publicado en 1530 por Pierre Attaignant (1494- ca. 1551). Transcripción de Marco Gallo / (1:50)

Cor de Cambra Amalthea (Valencia)


Ay triste que vengo (Cancionero de Palacio)

Juan dell’Enzina, S. XV-XVI / (3:00)

Dezilde al Cavallero

N. Gombert (1495-1560) / (4:00)

Jesu Redemptor Omnium

Obra contemporánea basada en el canto gregoriano J.R. Gil-Tàrrega / (6:20)

Non rumor di tamburi

A. Striggio (1540-1592) / (2:00)


D. Igor Ijurra
(Director Orfeón Pamplonés)

D. Rabindranath Banerjee
(Director de la sociedad Haendel-Haydn)

Doña Sandra Santesteban
(Miembro del Orfeón Pamplonés)


David Carrero
Noelia Hualde


Pamplona Chamber Choir


Obanos Mystery Foundation


Obanos Town Council

Church of San Juan Bautista de Obanos

Brotherhood of Hermits of Arnotegui.

Government of Navarre


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Sheyla Rehecho
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