The lush wardrobe of the Mystery of Obanos enactment is made up of 1,056 costumes, each with its corresponding accessories. All are replicas of medieval attire and were designed between 1965 and 1977.

In addition to these costumes there are about twenty carriages, horse drawn implements, banners, swords, shields, armour, etc. All of which is located in the current headquarters of the Mystery of Obanos Foundation. The Brotherhood of Hermits of Arnotegui is in charge of the conservation of these items.

At first, the costumes were designed by Francis Bartolozzi and tailored by the sisters Mari and Carmen Lozano. The set was then completed by the Cunas Institution, of Father Carmelo, a Dominican from Pamplona. Soon dressmakers from the town started collaborating, such as Clara Vélaz, while most of the hats were the work of Obano’s Maria Luisa Ulzurrun.

In 1997, Maria Luz Vidart, also from Obanos, undertook a review of the costumes. By 1999 and 2000, a small group of people had come together to perform important conservation work. Mariano Velez, a saddler from Puente la Reina, took care of all leather garments, horse harnesses, etc. In 1998, Feliciano Vélez led the initiative of inventorying all of these items.

The artistic value of this collection of medieval costumes is no less than its monetary value and can, indeed, be considered inestimable.