Santos Beguiristáin

Its main proponent, the priest of Obanos, Don Santos Beguiristáin, wrote the initial text under the title “Of the martyrdom of Santa Felicia and the penance of St. Guillén”. This text was read on Wednesday 25 April 1962, the eve of the feast of San Guillermo, by the children of Obanos in the town square, at ten o’clock at night “around the bonfire of the saint”. According to local news sources, many residents attended the event and had been advised beforehand via public announcement to come “after dinner, without haste”, 

The success of this first popular enactment led to the establishment of a text, in 1965, in alexandrine verses, which recovered the medieval legend and incorporated traditions and characters from the Way of St. James.

Father Santos Beguiristáin can be attributed the honour of having been the heart, soul and life of this scenic altarpiece, the “Mystery of Obanos”. Set in medieval times, the background motif of this enactment portrays all of the essential content related to what the Way of St. James meant for the men and women of the Middle Ages. Born in Argentina in 1908, Santos Beguiristáin returned with his parents to Obanos at the age of four to continue his studies in Lecároz. He would later enrol in the Conciliar Seminary of Pamplona in 1924. At 18, with the support of a scholarship from the dioceses, he moved to Rome to complete his studies in Theology and Law, obtaining a PhD in both subjects at the Gregorian University.