Dear Friends,

It is an honour to work for Obanos as President of the Mystery of Obanos

We have many exciting projects that we hope to gradually launch to energise the cultural and touristic life of Obanos and the Valley.

The present year, 2021, is the year of Saint James. It is a jubilee year that, due to the globalised effects we are suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, will extend to the year 2022.

Let’s hope that by then travel will be back to normal on the roads to Santiago.

I hope for you to be able to get a closer look at Obanos through this website and to know a little bit about the Mystery of Obanos and our people.

Ultreia esusella deus adyudanos

From Obanos, a crossroads


Juan Manuel Rubio Guembe

(President of the Mystery of Obanos Foundation)

Fotografía: Jon Tyson