Obanos, a crossroads

The Village of Obanos is located in the Central Zone of Navarre, within the Valdizarbe region, all of which is traversed by the Way of St. James. It is precisely in its Hermitage-Basilica of Nuestra Señora de Arnotegui where one of the most beautiful legends of the Way in Navarre finds its origin: the Mystery of San Guillén and Santa Felicia. Obanos is a mandatory point of passage for all pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela as it is the crossroads of two main branches of the Way (namely the Somport and Roncesvalles routes) heading toward to Santiago. The place where these routes are recognised as intersecting is the hermitage of San Salvador.

In the years of splendour of the Way of St. James, a hospital operated in the Village of Obanos to attend the pilgrims right in front of the old Church, at the beginning of the Muruzábal route, through which pilgrims would head on to Roncesvalles. Using the town hall’s archives and deeds from Obanos houses, we know that some of them bordered on the Caminos Reales (Royal Throughways) where the original Way of St. James normally passed. It is, thus, possible to trace the route of the Way of St. James and its passage through Obanos with great accuracy.

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