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The new model of public-private collaboration

The Navarre Cultural Patronage Law establishes a new model of public-private collaboration to carry out cultural projects or activities. Organisations and artists can apply for the MECNA distinction, which is awarded by the Government of Navarre to cultural and artistic initiatives of social interest. The individuals and companies that support such initiatives enjoy significant tax incentives.

MECNA recognises the commitment made by citizens, businesses and society in promoting and funding culture. The Mystery of Obanos and its parallel activities, as a project, received the MECNA distinction in January 2021 from the Directorate-General of Culture – Príncipe de Viana Institution. We, thus, request your support.


Individuals will be eligible to deduct 80% in personal income tax from the first € 150 under donations, loans of use, and amounts paid or expenses made in virtue of collaboration agreements. Beyond the initial amount of € 150, individuals are entitled to a 40% deduction.


– Initial € 150 (80% deduction = € 120)

– Rest: € 50 (40% deduction = € 20)

Total Deduction: € 120 + € 20 = € 140


Companies paying the Corporation Tax enjoy two tax benefits.

  1. The amounts distributed in donations and loans for use, or the amounts paid and expenses made in virtue of collaboration agreements will be considered as a deductible expense.
  2. Furthermore, for those same amounts, companies are entitled to deduct 30% of the first € 300 from their payable income tax. Beyond the initial € 300 they are entitled to deduction the net rate of 20%.

The Patronage Law understands that this type of aid is disinterested and, therefore, that there should be no consideration added to the tax benefit entailed via your contributions. Through your contribution you are advocating for a diversity of cultural expressions and the emergence of cultural citizenship.

Those who collaborate as patrons will be considered as FRIENDS OF THE MYSTERY throughout the year that the contribution was offered.

the Mystery of Obanos


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